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Hello World

Isn’t this how every new program or script announces its arrival on the screen of the computer? Hello world. Caving into pressures of blogging community (not that much pressure) I am presenting this sailing web site’s first post in the new format. I concede that using this blogging software will make my posts more accessible and timely but I mourn loss off my custom, crisp layout. No. I will not go down without the fight. I will customize this thing till it resembles as it was conceived. Reinvented or born-again; the point is AfterBlue Sailaway’s skipper is dreaming again and found a new coconspirator, a plotter from Vermont. The whole thing is like a child’s drawing, nothing is what it seems, grass is blue, legs are sticks and we have to eat those rotten veggies of generating some kind of income that keeps us grounded on land, but wouldn’t that be nice…

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