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New Sailing Trip?

After couple of nights spent customizing the blog application maybe it’s time to tell what this Sailaway II is all about? Sure thing. I am thinking about another sailing trip. What? Why? Where? When and How? Now, it’s not really even a plan yet. I am broke, covered in snow and afraid to get a haircut, but… every journey begins with a first step. If you would like to follow me from the very beginning, from the place where dreams are brewing, this is where it starts. A simple dream would become an idea, which would then evolve to a plan. It may happen this September or maybe years and years later, but as sure as grass is green I’ll do my earnest to see some crystal waters again and you can be part of it from the very beginning. Dreaming is a lonely occupation, so drop a comment from time to time and say hello. Who knows maybe our paths will cross and we’ll meet each other in a run down grocery store somewhere in the islands? Just thinking of it makes life good again.

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  1. daniel Says:

    outstanding! ive been checking this site for news that you were gonna do it again. i loved your account of your last tripp and i was looking forward to reading more. i too intend to buy a boat and sail away, but finances being what they are at present, can not afford it. no matter. i will read your stories and dream about the day when i can do it. …..unless you need crew…(hint hint)

    daniel yates.

  2. Sara Johnson Says:

    I find it impossible to not start planning for a new sailing trip the day after we return home. Keeps life interesting I guess. I’m looking forward to reading about your past trip…sounds like I’m in for a treat!

    We’re cutting our docklines again next year…hope to see you out there.

  3. daniel Says:

    will you be taking the afterblue again i wonder? and if so, what kind of things might you do with her to prepare for another tripp? self steering sounds like a good addition. likewise with some kind of gen. or more solar pannels.

    just wondering.


  4. maciekman Says:

    I just got a new can with nice, wooden seat :) so the cruising essentials are getting covered. I am picking up more graphic design work those days and I may be able to splurge on a sollar panel before the summer as well, God willing…

  5. Peter Says:

    Hey Maciek,

    GREAT Site and adventures.
    I am ready to help you in what ever way I can.
    Lets meet next weekend launching day, I have some ideas.
    Your friend in Port Credit Marina, dock M01 owner of Columbia 26

    See you then… ;)


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