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Sponsorhip on Sails

Today an idea presented itself of finding sponsors for my trip. I received an email this morning with a novel idea to replace a mainsail on my boat with different sail containing high quality full color advertising. I have to admit I am extremely tempted with this concept and I am excited about even a slightest chance that I might be sailing again. I realize, however, that this may raise few questions in regards to tainting purity and romantic appeal of sailing. I was willing to sell t-shirts, sailing pictures, ads and whatever else on this web site that might have raise few dollars towards my next trip; it have not cross my mind, however, until today, to became a billboard on the water. Is corporate sponsorship way to go? If this would propel my dream into a reality, why not do it?

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  1. daniel Says:

    i once thought about holding a cardboard sign up out side of the marina that read “saving up for a yacht…cardboard one sank. anything helps”. i think it would have worked. at least it would have made peoples day.

    im not opposed to being a billboard for a chance to do something i truely want to do. hell, i would probably tattoo a boat manufacture’s name across mah rump if i thought they might give me a boat…..maybe i’ll ask them. and i wouldnt worry too much about loosing the romance of it all. when the sun drops to the horizon and the water is ablaze with color, you can look with pride at your sail and be sure that everyone for miles around knows that you use a colman stove.


  2. aaron kiss Says:

    your on the right track.

    Get that boat for free and better yet, get paid to sail it!!

    visit for more info and contact us when your ready to stop worring about sailing funds.

    aaron kiss

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