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Hurricane Holes

Do you know of any places to hide from the storm while making a trek towards the Bahamas? Maybe we all should?

In one of the sailing magazines, I came across an article describing a recent account of a cruiser riding out a hurricane. He holed himself up inside of a protected bayou not too far away from New Orleans of all places and came out with his sailboat unscratched. While I was reading this article I was wondering how valuable it would be for cruisers to have several of such safe locations listed on this website and to know about those hiding places for future seasons.

We are apparently in the cycle of heightened hurricane activity that may last another ten years. The intensity and especially how long the 2005 hurricane season lasted indicates that whoever is sailing south in the near future would be best prepared knowing where to hide when some late season hurricane develops.

If you have experience in riding out heavy weather and know about some of those places that would protect a sailboat from storm surges, hurricane winds etc. drop me a note or leave a comment. If we have some quality feedback I’ll create new resource for all of us to benefit from and it would be really cool to share here such life-saving info. See if you can include a brief description of the location, GPS waypoints and maybe even a simple chartlet to illustrate it. I don’t know about you, but I am not quite done with the Bahamas and sooner or later I will be creeping south towards ‘brighter than skies’ waters! It would be nice to have some first-hand reports from other cruisers where to head when storms develop.

Hasta Luego comrades.

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