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Crossing the Gulf Stream tonight?

Hi peeps and family. Looking at the weather forecast seems we might be crossing to the Bahamas tonight or tomorrow, provided other captains feel the same way. There are five other boats waiting for the appropriate weather – S – SW winds, nothing too crazy 10-15 knots – and there is some safety in numbers – we’ll each help another, should the need arise. I’d rather go tonight, since a strong front is moving in on Monday, and I would like to have a little extra time for safety.

To follow the marine weather forecast, or to even see what one looks like go to:


Hope to hear from you “on the other side”

hugs and wet kisses

2 Responses to “Crossing the Gulf Stream tonight?”

  1. Johannes Says:

    i quite now this feeling…

    how are you guys?

  2. Darek Kolda Says:

    Cześć Maciek,

    Wczoraj dzięki linkowi od Bogdana Magolana wpadłem na twojego bloga. Jesteś wariatem! Roczny honeymoon! Z uwaga przeczytałem o waszych przygodach w Ameryce pld. Bardzo lubię te kulturę.
    Daj znać czy udało wam się doplynac do Bahama bo twój ostatni wpis trzyma w napięciu.

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