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There is just no way to keep up with the blog – so many things on the go. You would think in the Bahamas, on a sailboat we would have all the time in the world to amuse our family, friends and ourselves with quirky posts and few adventures here and there, but no…

One of the reasons: For two years now I’ve been gearing towards taking a PMP exam and last year my application has been approved and I already paid for the exam. This exam needs to be taken by April or I’ll have to do the application and pay the fees all over again. So we decided we invested too much in this to let it go. I am being a good boy (mostly) and I am cramming for the exam now. Yes, right here, on the boat. In the middle of the beautiful Bahamas. Distractions aplenty, trust you me. I’d rather be looking under the rocks for lobsters.

After the crossing from West Palm we spend three weeks in Abacos. Beautiful place. In Hope Town – an expat town if I ever saw one – we bumped into Donald and Linda on “Epilogue” – one of the boats we were crossing the Gulf with and then in Marsh Harbour we reunited with Bill and Sharon from “Simple Pleasures”. These friendly folk were radioing around trying to locate us, worrying about us since we disappeared in the Gulf Stream that fateful night.

Also in Hope Town we got to know couple of guys from the Montreal area – Mark and Marco, they taught us how and where to look for lobster and we had many a feast. Mark, as handy as they come even fixed our little two horse power outboard! We will soon build a transom on our little dinghy to move around without paddling! We buddy boat for awhile and were moving to Little Harbour to cross to the Exumas together when we lost the track of them, but then we met Greg…

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  1. Donna Deuchler Says:

    Hi Maciek congratulations on your marriage. Glad to see you continued your journeys. You and Johannes were two of the most wonderful people I have met. Need to take further look at your blog to see what you’ve been up to. God bless you and your wife and all your future endeavors. Love Always Donna

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