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Bahamas Weather Services

Pick a cheap SSB radio receiver online or at Radio Shack – make sure it can scan high and low frequencies. Operating just a receiver does not require a license. We had a hard time to get a weather forecast just with our VHF radio. Some places like a marinas in Staniel and Highbourn Cay and also cruisers net in Georgetown will have weather in the morning at 8 am. Highbourn on VHF 6 and Georgetown on VHF72. Otherwise just ask cruisers you bump into (not literally, please:) Winter and Spring weather in the Bahamas is very moderate, but here and there you will get a nasty cold front, which means it will blow hard from the NE and you want to tuck in somewhere. Keep in mind the nasty cold front is even nastier where you would normally be in this time of the year i.e. Canada. Spending winter on your own sailboat in the Bahamas is about the best you can possibly do.

Occasionally you may have an access to the Internet (do bring an external wifi antennae for extra range), in which cases you can check the weather online. is so so, not very accurate, whereas will give you weather maps and a little better understanding of what’s coming. is an official Bahamas dept. of meteorology website with forecasts, radar satellite imagery and tide tables.

Main weather sources on SSB is forecast given by Chris Parker, who has attracted almost a religious following. Check out his website at: for schedule. Generally 6:30am SSB4045, 7:00am 4003 from BASRA and 7:20am LSB7096 HAM Weather Net

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