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Boat Electrics and Electronics

To each its own. Go with what you have instead of waiting for a “one day..” Without getting into any real detail here, size your power needs and size your battery banks and solar/wind power generators.
If you can plan to run a fridge, which will require solar and wind power combo. You do not need to wait to go cruising if you can’t afford it. I did a yearlong stint on a 25 footer in the Caribbean without much of anything and had a blast, but this time I was able to upgrade to a bigger boat with more features and it was even better.

Having a chart plotter was amazing. It was first time I had one and made going through the inlets and cuts sooo much less scary when I was able to monitor effects of the current on the boat. Functioning depth sounder is obviously not an optional instrument – you’ll be looking at that thing constantly. Handheld GPS and VHF radio is also a must. Occasionally we would use cheap walkie-talkies when one of us went ashore to town, but could live without them.

Inverter, small laptop, external WIFI antennae with a long USB cable and cameras are very nice to have. If you are bringing a laptop you want to have that external antenna – it really made the difference.
Some friends of ours had an underwater Panasonic digital camera which was excellent both under and above the water. MP3 player with an external speaker was also great to have. We even picked up a 15” computer screen to watch our movies off the laptop, but it did not survived getting swamped by the water when we took a nosedive into the wave with our hatches left opened.

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