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Tips on Food

Tips on Food
Forget the Publix and other high end retail stores. If you can, find a wholesale food places near you and you slash your food costs in half. Do check expiry dates, but don’t get too hang up on these too much either, all really depending on your comfort level.

You can get a whole UHT milk in Dollar Tree in Florida for a buck a liter. It doesn’t require refrigeration and will never go bad until opened.

Fry a pack or two of bacon and stuff it into a clean glass jar and cover it with its own fat or top it up with oil if necessary, it will also stay fresh without refrigeration.

If you use flour as extensively as we do (pizzas, bread, scones, cakes) get no larger than 5 pound bags of it and put them each individually in a large ziplock bag (also available in Dollar Tree) and here is a trick: put three or four bay leafs per bag to prevent bugs from hatching – apparently any flour from anywhere can still contain a nasty surprises that are not apparent till the temperatures are high enough.

Pack a stick of butter into a clean jar and submerge it in the fresh water – it will keep fresh without refrigeration also.

Dollar Tree in Florida is probably the only real dollar store we saw – in addition to the UHT milk we also found vacuum packed salami, also for a buck (two or three dollars in Publix) it does not require refrigeration till opened.

Can openers, shredders, peelers – use the magnet to see if they really are made of stainless steel. If it sticks – don’t buy it. Bring spare, f it rusts anyways. Stainless steel from China is a very low grade.
You can preserve a caught fish, if your mahi-mahi is more than you can eat in two days – cook the fish in a sauce, sterilize the jar by boiling it or just putting a boiling water over it, place a fish in the jar and top it up with the boiling sauce, make sure all the air is gone, seal the jar and flip it upside down. Cover it with a tea towel to allow it to cool slowly. The metal lid should be convex when the seal holds. Check online for canning process, there might be a better explanation of this, but do look into it.

Preserving some meet, especially beef, before your trip will not only save your cruising dollars down the road, but also allow you to eat like a king when there are no stores around, and in the Bahamas a well provisioned stores are few and far in between. You might be cruising for three weeks without any hope for shopping.

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