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My sailboat is an old Hughes that was gutted long time ago and sold to me one beautiful winter morning for the price equaling roughly six hundred and forty three coffees at Starbucks. This, of course, has nothing to do with anything.

I am obsessive lists composer. It’s probably self-defense mechanisms countering my single track brain that tends to focus so much on a given task that everything else cease to exist. To complete more than one task and properly interact with world at large I need reminders, calendars, checklists and friends who recognize this handicap. Lists also help me to prioritize tasks, which comes handy in more complex projects and this, actually, is what this page is all about.

The following list helps me to keep track of some ongoing projects on my sailboat. I doubt if it has any value to anyone else but me, however since there are no ridged guidelines on what my online friends might be interested in I’ll allow myself this indulgence and ask you kindly to forgive me if you feel you’d rather be watching another car commercial on TV instead.

Current Sailboat Projects

New Stairs

  • sand pieces, round the edges
  • shave off left support 1/8 inches
  • drill side holes
  • stair mounting brackets
  • stain and varnish – 1 coat
  • design bottom floor raised panel with intake valve access
  • mount the darn thing
  • build the cover piece

boat plumbing


  • install barbed port cockpit drain
  • 3 feet of 1-1/4 bildge hose
  • 1-1/2 to 1-1/4 reducer barbed
  • 3 way 1-1/4 barbed hose connectors
  • vented loop for the can
  • look for an RV or used waste tank – wish list
  • look for fresh water tank 20 gallons?, under V-berth? Or bladders in stern lockers or way at the back
  • Install sink 14.75×12.75 outside rim and 13. 5×11.5 hole
  • install sink drain and valve – need pipe to thread 1-1/2
  • Install fresh water galley pump
  • grease seacoks


  • New three deep cycle batteries 12”x24” space, golf cart?– wish list
  • New 80W solar panel mounted on the bimini – wish list
  • move electrical panel if installing sink there
  • topmast three color? (if so install cable in the mast and prevent its banging)
  • New LED reading lights and navigational lights – wish list
  • box the speakers

bottom paint

Bottom paint – done! – click here

  • before the launch preferably :)
  • get the paint
  • scrub and even out the bottom
  • figure out how to paint under pads
  • masking tape
  • borrow respirator
  • paint day
  • bootstrap – sand and paint


  • reupholster cushions – 3 inch closed cell foam


  • clean and grease winches


  • ice box?
  • Find propane or alcohol 2 burner stove 14×17.5 or 13×20, stainless, receded? Butch, you rock!


Outboard Maintenance

fuel tank

Launch date: May 15th

  • paint the boot strap
  • seal the transom throuhole
  • mount the outboard – change gas
  • paint the transom
  • clean, rubbing compound, wax
  • check the fuel hoses, connectors, drain the tank, refill

2005 Expenses

  • marina fees – $1250
  • hardware store – $320
    (plywood, varnish, pipe fittings, valves, brushes, scraper, gear oil etc.)
  • marine store – $330
    (new head, stainless bolts, bottom paint, fittings, compounds etc.)
  • total: $1900


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